Tricks for Commercial Cleaning Every Business Owner Should Know


Business cleaning is different from home cleaning. Some may disagree, but we’re right. Due to size, foot traffic, trash volume, and other variables, commercial cleaning requires different methods than domestic cleaning.

All business owners should know these finest commercial cleaning strategies and tricks to protect their facilities, especially amid this latest COVID-19 pandemic:

Leave It To The Professionals

If you want to clean commercial buildings, you need to know what tools and items to use on different surfaces and areas. Doing what most people do at home—spraying and wiping—is not enough. So, the best way to clean and disinfect business spaces is to hire a professional commercial building cleaning services and disinfecting company.

Pick The Right Items

As soon as you hire the right people, you need to make sure they use the right supplies for your business. If your business is a restaurant or bar, for example, you want the cleaners to use natural, non-toxic disinfectants that work well on surfaces used for food preparation and won’t hurt the health of your customers or staff.

Disinfect, Disinfect, Disinfect

You probably already know that commercial cleaning is more than just getting rid of dust and dirt that you can see on surfaces. It’s a more thorough process that includes disinfecting surfaces properly to get rid of contaminants.

Clean All Electronics

It’s important to clean electronics like screens, keyboards, kitchen appliances, office supplies, and more. This is especially important if your business is based in an office and you know that some of your workers eat or snack at their desks, which can spread germs.

 When used with the right disinfectants, dry foggers create a disinfecting fog that covers items and kills 99.99% of germs. This is the best way to clean these surfaces that are sensitive to moisture.

Don’t Forget To Vacuum

If the carpets in your business are thick, you should tell your cleaner or cleaning staff to vacuum the floors often before disinfecting.

By doing this, you can keep allergies away, make your workplaces and customers feel better by making them cleaner and fresher, and keep people from getting breathing problems over time.

Take Out Trash Routinely

There are more contaminants in trash than in anything else. By taking out the trash regularly, you can stop the smells from spreading and stop germs and viruses from spreading. Another tip is to put trash bags at the bottom of the bins so that the cleaning crew can reach them more easily.

Carefully Clean Frequently Touched Items

When cleaning your workplace, don’t forget to disinfect and sanitize common areas like countertops and desks as well as high-touch items like doorknobs, light switches, refrigerator and microwave doors, phones, desks, chairs, and so on.

Tell Staff To Wash Their Hands Often

It is important to wash your hands often to keep your business clean and healthy.  As part of your commercial cleaning efforts, tell your workers to wash their hands or at least sanitize them before they handle paperwork, help customers, or go back to their desks after eating.