How Much Internet Speed Is Enough for Streaming?


One of the fastest ways to kill a good mood is by getting stuck with a choppy internet connection after a long day of anticipation. Here’s a scenario: you come home from work after a long day, and can’t wait to jump on the couch, order your favorite pizza, and watch the season you’ve been waiting for for so long, only to get stuck with motion stop images and endless buffering on the screen, thanks to your dying internet connection. Frustrating isn’t it?

It’s probably one of those moments where you just want to dump your Wi-Fi router in the trash, but don’t because you’d rather fix the problem. If you’re one of those who always find themselves in a similar situation, you’ve come across the right article to understand the value of internet speeds for streaming to fix the issue.

We’re going to talk about the ideal internet speed needed for streaming and how you can instantly boost your internet speed for seamless streaming on hard days. Keep reading to learn more!

Speeds You Need For Streaming:

The FCC recommends a 25 Mbps speed for smooth browsing, gaming, and streaming. The benchmark figure reflects the speed needed for smooth streaming without any buffering and loading icons. The minimum speed of 25 Mbps is sufficient to fulfill the basic requirement for internet usage. But is it enough for a large household that streams on multiple devices simultaneously? How much speed do you really need?

We can learn better by pitting speed against screen resolution. to stream your favorite shows and movies on Netflix or Prime in 4K HD or HD, the internet speed should fall somewhere between 3 to 25 Mbps. However, this only works flawlessly if only a limited number of devices are streaming HD movies and shows. To be able to stream on more than 3 devices at a time, in HD or 4K quality, a speed of 50 Mbps should do. An IPTV service or YouTube is able to stream SD quality with as little as 3 to 7 Mbps. So, it all comes down to the number of devices using the internet for streaming simultaneously!

How to Amp Up My Internet Speed and Network Performance For Seamless Streaming?

  • Say Bye to your cache history

In simple words, a cache is like the trash your browser collects which slows down your internet speed once it piles up and takes up space. It’s made of tiny bits of data collected from browsing, emailing, surfing, and other internet activities. The heavier your cache, the slower your internet and this affects your streaming experience significantly. To improve network performance and boost internet speed, you must get rid of the cache every day on a regular basis. There are many plug-ins available online that clear the cache automatically or you can do it manually from the settings of your browser.

  • Connect an Ethernet cable

While wireless connections are popular for a reason, wired connections are still as strong and powerful as ever. Wired connections are consistent, uninterrupted, and fast. An Ethernet cable is a simple investment that can instantly improve your internet speed significantly. Just connect one end of the router to the router and the other to the laptop or device. The internet speed and streaming quality will noticeably improve!

  • Update the router’s firmware

The router used to deliver internet signals in the house should be updated with the latest software to avoid slow network performance. Machines and devices tend to slow down with time and a quick software update is all it takes at times to improve the connection. Head over to the router’s website to find and download the latest software updates so you can enjoy seamless and buffer-free streaming whenever you want!

Wrapping It Up

Online streaming and streaming platforms are not going anywhere anytime soon. If anything, the streaming industry is bound to grow bigger and better. Plus, being equipped with the best internet connection is vital to truly enjoy a quality streaming experience. The internet plan you choose also impacts the quality of your streaming experience. Check out EarthLink Internet plans and EarthLink customer service to find the best speeds and support for a fun streaming session!