Helmet Handbook: 5 Crucial Points For Buying And Maintaining Motorcycle Helmets


Biking is an adventurous sport with the thrill of speeding past cars, feeling the wind and experiencing a sense of liberation. Despite the excitement, bike accidents, including fatal ones, are notorious. Helmets play a crucial role in reducing this threat and saving lives. Here are five critical facts about motorcycle helmets that highlight their importance in ensuring two-wheeler safety.

Top Tips For Purchasing And Maintaining Helmet

What The Law Says?

Despite discomfort or misconceptions, wearing a helmet is crucial when riding a two-wheeler. It’s unsafe and a legal requirement, with fines, such as Rs. 1000, for those caught without a helmet (the amount may vary by location).

  1. Comfort

Not all helmets cause discomfort, and comfort varies from person to person. Finding the right fit is crucial, whether you prefer wide and basic or sleek and sporty designs. Experiment with different versions to ensure a sturdy and comfortable choice. Consider specific features, such as helmets designed for glasses wearers, like the cliff helmet. Prioritise comfort over fashion when selecting a helmet for riding.

  1. Style Is Important

Style matters among bikers, and the market offers numerous fashionable helmet options. Prioritise comfort, explore styles available online, at local dealers, or even brand-specific options like Royal Enfield helmets.

  1. Gear Up

Motorbike riders often wear headgear beneath their helmets to manage perspiration. Options like bandanas or skull caps help maintain hygiene. Keep in mind that wearing headgear alters the helmet fit, so consider trying out different options with headgear on before finalising your choice.

  1. Cleaning Is Necessary

It would help if you occasionally clean your helmet. The helmet’s visor should receive extra attention because it is prone to collecting dust. Additionally, a dirty visor can impede vision, making riding challenging.

The helmet on your bike can develop numerous hygiene issues due to pollution and frequent use. You can use a mild soap and shampoo to clean your helmet. To dry the helmet after washing, use a microfiber towel. Cotton swabs can also be used to clean difficult-to-reach helmet vents.

  1. Insurance For Two-Wheelers

The law emphasises both helmet use and third-party bike insurance. A minimum requirement is a Third-party Liability policy covering other motorists in case of an accident. For more coverage, consider a comprehensive plan. A Bajaj Allianz motor insurance premium calculator will help you estimate the cost of premiums to be paid. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy.

Riding a bike without two-wheeler insurance carries penalties under The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. In a matter of minutes, you can buy appropriate two-wheeler insurance online. It is not at all challenging. All you need to do to purchase or renew bike insurance on your own is pay attention to some basic details. You don’t have to rely on brokers or other outside parties to buy or process expired bike insurance renewal.

Remember that only some bike insurance policies can satisfy the needs of every customer. For this reason, before purchasing, you must read through the policy’s terms and conditions and perform some basic research. You can manage your policy using a two-wheeler insurance check app.

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