A Brief Introduction to Ultrasonic Facial Lifting


Facial lifting is a procedure that many people choose to enhance their beauty and to hide their age. The elasticity of the skin loses its strength when collagen and elastin components weaken.

The firmness and structural body integrity sag and there is no other option than opting for facial lifting, which works successfully.

Ultrasonic or Ulthera facial lifting is one of the best options adopted by top-rated dermatologists and cosmologists in Hong Kong.

The Retens who are well-known for achieving medical beauty awards believe in providing effective solutions to their patients to enjoy perfect facial structure.

Ultrasonic facial

It is highly favourable because the treatment is non-invasive medical therapy. The technology used is high-intensity focused ultrasound.

After the treatment ends, the facial skin becomes tighter and looks young.

It works by penetrating the top-energy ultrasound waves into the deep layer of skin. This helps to heat the tissues, which eventually starts the mechanism of collagen production.

The immediate contraction is because of the heated tissues of different skin layers. Ultrasound facial therapy is different from other laser, radiofrequency, 超聲刀  and even micro-current treatment because it can penetrate deep into the skin and tightens every layer of the skin.

Benefits of using ultrasound facial treatment:

It is safer as there are minimal side effects. The person may be troubled with swelling, tenderness and bruising of the skin, which all would eventually wade away after a few days.

The treatment is quick, no post-care period to be strictly followed. People can lead a normal life without worrying about any skin problems.

It nourishes the skin and is best anti-aging remedy. It gives high-boost to the microcirculation happening in the inner layers of the skin and stimulates cell metabolism.

The PH required to maintain the skin tone is regained.

The wrinkles, acne and any discolouration of the skin also vanish gradually.

It is the best approach to exfoliate dead skin cells.

Even the under eyes bags and dark circles reduce a lot. There is no more puffiness seen under the eyes.

Some of the most used ultrasound devices for facial lifting:

· Ultherapy

It is FDA approved HIFU device that tightens the skin and eventually supports facial lifting. It is widely used in most of the facial treatments.

· DermaSound

Not only ultra-waves but the machine utilises the electric micro-currents and the skin care products meant for treating anti-aging symptoms.

It hydrates the skin and provides exfoliate benefits.  It doesn’t promote high-energy ultrasound waves thus doesn’t provide that much effect.

It is preferred by middle age people and who want to do regular anti-aging facial treatment.

The cost of the treatment depends upon many factors like the patient’s age, skin tone, their medical history and the kind of ultrasound device used for the treatment.

In Retens, the dermatologist will provide complete information about the facial lifting ultrasound treatment before they start the process.

Hence, you can get the treatment after clearing all your doubts .