4 Magnificent PS5 Games to Play in 2023


Video games have always been a way of winding yourself down. After a tiring day, nothing feels better than playing video games with family and friends. Some people have also made careers and changed their lives due to the emergence of E-sports. Scientists have also researched and proven through various studies that they help in cognitive thinking.

Console games have been more popular for the most part. Nowadays, new cross-platform games releasing every few years. The PS5 has dominated the space for a while with putting out numerous good exclusives. However, to search through the entire library of games can be quite a pain in the head. So, if you are convinced that PS5 is your go–to console and have purchased it. This blog contains the games you have to try out:

1-God of War Ragnarök

If you are a video game fan and have never played a God of War game then you are missing out. It is one of the most highly rated, action packed first-person game. You get to play as Kratos, the Greek demigod who protects his son Atreus from Norse pantheon. Follow the interesting storyline and fight with ever long enemies of Kratos such as Freya, Thor, Heimdall and Surtur. New abilities and combos will put your combat skills to the test. In this expansive open-world game you will discover all nine realms adding the homes of Vanir, Aesir, and Dwarves. Side quests have been increased as well as game mechanics. Now check out this game through Noon discount code.

2- Returnal

Returnal is based on the story of a space traveler Selene Vassos who gets off-track to an unknown alien planet. She explores through the planet of hostile creatures and finds answers to all the mystery that lay. The stunning graphics of the game will certainly catch your eye. Portals can be opened to other areas of the map and new weapons are unlocked at different parts of the game. This difficult game will challenge your nerves and force you to use new strategies every time you fight.


Deathloop gives you thrills like no other game. Get ready to experience chaos and work as an assassin who has to eliminate seven targets in a single day. You have been trapped in a queer island where a time loop commences every few hours. The only way to break free is to solve a murder puzzle. The game has been staged in a 60’s warfare style to develop a unique world. As the protagonists steer through the game, you get all kinds of weapons and upgrades to battle with bosses and foes.

4-Astro’s Playroom

As a PS5 exclusive, this game condenses the history of the PlayStation brand into a single game. As a complimentary game to show PlayStation 5 next-gen capabilities, this freebie has a lot more to offer. You will have to guide the cute Astro Bot to solve various puzzles. Many interesting collectibles and Easter eggs are present to retain your attention. The Dual-Sense controller works well to ensure interaction with the game.